Custom peep sight for the Trapper

One of this weeks projects is building a peep sight for that Win94 Trapper.  I have a Williams peep receiver sight on my 30-30 and Love it!  Now, its cheap to get another one for the .45, but its more fun to see if I can make one!   

So, starting with a adjustable v notch rear sight that my Dad took off of his muzzle loader years ago in favor of fiber optic sights, and a rear weaver mount for the gun, I have a sight and a base for it. Just need to machine the base flat, drill it, tap it, and mount the sight to it.

The plan is to grind the V notch off the sight, and mount(weld) a small nut on it vertically to screw a peep apperature into(or use the nut as is as a ghost ring)

I might forgo the rail piece and just use a nice chunk of 1/8” or 3/16” 1095 stock, and mount it to the rail mount holes, maybe clearance the underside for the bolt, for a low as possible fit…



(for those that see such details, yes I know that’s not the right weaver rail for the rear holes on a Win94AE… I don’t actually have a rear rail, but threw that one into the pic for illustration purposes. I’ll hopefully be able to grab the right rail at the local sporting goods later today or tomorrow)


Here is about where I intend for it to end up sitting, just a touch higher off the bolt/receiver.


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2 thoughts on “Custom peep sight for the Trapper

  1. Weston

    Nothing like making stuff. Lost art really.

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