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First time in almost a month that I’ve carried a one hand open or locking knife… Been a while since I’ve gone that long without carrying a frame lock actually, let alone No lock or easy opening at all.

First time in about exactly a month since I’d worn this watch(Seiko 5 self winding mechanical, it was stopped on the 18th ) too.

Was time(ha) for a change, I’d worn the Citizen Eco-Drive diver for all of that time, purposefully for hunting, it being all metal case and band both, I knew it would clean easy, and I wore it for the 2 weeks before the hunting trip to be used to it for shooting comfort and having it on in all types of situations(since its heavier than the other three watches I wear more regularly)…  The guy that gave it to me said it had survived an explosion while he was wearing it, and never skipped a beat; I figured it could probably survive anything an Alaskan hunting trip could throw at it!

That Citizen was fantastic on the trip for a night clock, the lume on the dial and hands stayed BRIGHT for the entire night(8 hours), every night, I could easily see the time all night in the “darker than 4 foot down a cows throat” dark that it was inside the camper.. Its a pity it wasn’t as warm as 4′ into a cow for those nights, but the watch didn’t mind the 30F temps every morning… Wish I could say the same for me    



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2 thoughts on “9-13-14 carry

  1. Weston

    You know it’s cold when the creek starts icing….

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