Sunday EDC

First time my carry has changed in oh, 2.5 or 3 weeks?  Something like that. At lest two weeks.

Main changes are from Modded Wingman to Modded Skeletool, from Amherst hunter to my Dads Schrade hunter, and from the Eco Drive Diver watch, to my Eco Drive Chronograph..


Plus, a pic of my new water bottle… my hunting buddy asked me if I had a good bottle to take on our hunting trip, for mixing bottled water drink mixes(lemonade etc) in easily if i wanted to… Used that as an excuse to get the style of bottle I’ve wanted for a while now   Had a look at a lot of Camelbak and Nalgene bottles and settled on this one. I like it a lot so far.



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One thought on “Sunday EDC

  1. Weston

    Sure did come in handy. Hey, wasn’t that buddy the guy who didn’t bring a water bottle?

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