Lets try that again…

So apparently wordpress won’t allow raw ”form” tags/groups in html… Great.

(I actually knew that from reading some documentation first, but had hoped it was wrong/outdated… apparently not!)

So, we’ll do it another way(thats actually easier, ironically)

$5 button;



(please don’t actually send me any money through this button!! If you do submit payment; you accept automatically, and legally, that you are not entitled to receive any service, information or merchandise in return for said payment. and I am not required to provide any service, information or merchandise in return for said payment, nor required to refund said payment for any reason. )  End, of @ss covering.

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One thought on “Lets try that again…

  1. Weston

    Awesome! It worked… you owe me 5 bucks! Just kidding, it did work, but I didn’t send you any money.

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