Interesting timming.

So, I found this a little interesting… Maybe not exactly ironic, but interesting.

I’ve mentioned it before lately, that the Manifold has about 95% replaced my CE Cryo as my go to heavy/messy work knife.

The interesting part is the time difference between getting one, then the other, is almost 1 year exactly!

The day my Cryo arrived; July 23rd 2013.




The day the manifold arrived; July 22nd 2014…

Manifold on top;



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One thought on “Interesting timming.

  1. Weston

    One can never have too many knives. I carry three or four in my lunchbox, but, because they are “stowed”, I never use them. At least you get some good use out of yours…. especially when I borrow it every five minutes when we work together!

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