Grounds Maintenance carry, and a ‘new’ watch.

EDC for my ministry at church, my small donation to things that need done(mowing lawns, weed control etc)





The watch isn’t exactly new, I’ve actually had it for about 20 years, a gift from my Dad. I just never carry it anymore, mainly for fear of loss, and a pocket watch isn’t nearly as handy as a wrist watch…

But I felt like doing something somewhat ‘retro’. And I figure its better to use things than have them rust/rot away/collect dust just laying around. 

I modified the chain removing the original pocket/belt clip on the end, replacing it with a high strength split ring that fits a carabiner. Also added a pull fob with my flying saucer bead for easy removal from my jeans watch pocket. 

Drop it in pocket, and clip the chain off to a belt loop. The chain hangs loose at my side, but so far I haven’t had any trouble with it snagging on anything.  The same chain will also work on my other pocket watch, also a gift from Dad some 8 or 10 years ago..(fob on that one is a chunk of fossil walrus tusk that came as a fob on a custom knife I have)



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2 thoughts on “Grounds Maintenance carry, and a ‘new’ watch.

  1. Weston

    Nothing quite compares to the statement of pulling out a pocket watch, viewing the time, snapping it shut, and with un-sophisticated flare, placing it back in ones pocket.
    It’s not stealing a glance, nor perusing of time with convenience as it hangs upon your wrist… it is the intentional and disciplined determination to the fetching of time, and then, simply stowing it away in a pocket as if you own it.

    • Wow! That sure was deep Weston! 🙂 And a wonderful thought, which is true I must agree, the pocket watch does give us a much more intimate relationship with our access to Time, I had never thought of it that way before.


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