Lovejoy progress; tires.

Needed new tires for the project truck, the old ones were bald, cords showing on one, and all but one flat…  A buddy gave me some used but good tires, and with the kindness of another friend that has a tire machine, letting us use it, I got them swapped onto my rims.

 So now, I have good tread, and the truck moveable again. Ended up with smaller on the front too, for a nice rake to the truck when done.  They look a little small now, don’t fill the front wheel wells too good, but remember that there is roughly 500 lbs of engine missing from the front of the truck right now.    


Looks horrendously small in the wheel space that is there without the front fender… I garrantee they’ll never rub the fenders!



And with a fender set in place on the other side.  Hard to see the rake angle without the bed on it, or without being able to step back further, and of course the truck isn’t sitting on a flat surface either…  The smaller tire is about 4” shorter than the bigger ones, should provide a nice look.

On my 4×4 the front tires are about 2.5” to 3” shorter than the back at the moment, and its a rather noticeable rake to the tuck, and looks good, so this difference should work out great.





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One thought on “Lovejoy progress; tires.

  1. Weston

    Yup, don’t think you’ll be getting any fender rub!

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