Pics for a thread on EDCF about leather gear and goods..

Mostly custom or one off gear that I have.

  • My lambskin leather A2 bomber jacket,
  • leather NATO watch band(By Holbein watch bands, with Citizen Eco-Drive on it),
  •  Journal by me circa 2008, with leather my Dad had from 20 years prior, no idea how old it was, he got it from a friend as a old scrap then… has a lot of character to it.
  • Leather grip brass spy glass that i got from the forum passaround box this spring(works good too, not just a novelty!) 
  • Custom one off folding knife sheath from a maker whose name escapes me right now… (will update post when I remember…  ) I got it in a trade several years ago, he made it specifically for me with my initial on it..
  • For anyone interested, the pen is  Noodlers Konrad piston fill fountain pen. Knife is a Rough Rider small folding hunter. 



Simply Rugged silver dollar pancake holster, originally ordered for a SA Berretta Stampede circa 2006; it fits my Security Six perfectly too. Its loosened up to where the retension isn’t gravity proof on the SA anymore, but it still works great(how often are you upside down anyway?  )




Custom one of a kind wild cat and basket weave stamped CCW gun belt I had made by Red Hand Leather in Australia about 2006, for the holster above. Its no longer stiff enough for a good gun belt, but its still in great shape for general wear.




Levis convertable watch, with after market leather bund style strap and deployment clasp. Had the watch about 15 years, only about 3 years on this band. Built special; bund pad, main straps and clasp all came seperate, assembled for this watch.

Buckaroo pouch style sheath was made for me as a gift by karrel Koci of Israel, A Christian pastor and hobbyist knife modifier there, its one of a kind. (knife by Florida Woods Bum on EDCF, also a gift. Pen is walnut, made by my Dad several years ago)



My old trusty Leatherman sheath, although its never had a Leatherman in it, it fits my Victorinox Spirit perfectly, carried it in it for about 7 years.



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2 thoughts on “Leathers…

  1. Weston

    Wow, you have quite a few personalized/personal stories related items from out of country!

    • Yup, its a small world! 😉 I have gotten a lot from friends and aquaintances from many places over the years… These were just the items that were leather related too!

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