Project problem…

What idiot at Kershaw designed a knife with a pivot barrel that is Not captive by a flat on one side keeping it from turning in the liner???  Almost Every other knife, even the cheapest of imports has this feature!   

Now, the problem this provides is that to install, or in my case remove the pivot, you have to find a way to hold it while removing the top side screw.

No, they couldn’t just put a screw head on it either so you can easily hold it… And on this knife, its very low profile on the back too, very little to grip with pliers, a vise etc.(my usual tricks for this kind of thing) 

The point here by the way, is that the outer handle scales on the knife are Steel. And this thing is Heavy! Going to replace with an acryllic plastic.




Looks like I’m going to have to cheat and cut a straight screw driver slot in it…




The pocket I will need to route/mill in the new scale for the assist spring;

At least on this knife it is square, unlike the ballooned S or 8 shape on my Kershaw Cryos. Should be simple to replicate.




The material that I have for replacing the scales, if I can ever get it apart, its an inlace acrylester/acryllic called Abyss. Deep dark blues, greys, and black.



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One thought on “Project problem…

  1. Weston

    No screw slot…. No problem, at least, not anymore!

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