Concrete day work carry, maybe last work day.

Might be my last work day for a while, guy I’m working for is now waiting for the first half of the foundation concrete to set, before doing the back fill etc. Not sure I will be needed any for that. And the other side of the house will be easier to pour, so I might not be needed then either. Will wait and see if I hear from him or not. I’m happy either way, I was able to make some money, DO Something for a week.

And most importantly to me;help some friends that needed it…  I wouldn’t have cared if I hadn’t been paid, I’d have still been happy to help for helpings sake. I enjoy helping people more than anything else, its what I live to do.


Only thing that really changed for today was I finally sharpened that carpenters pencil, and actually used it once too after carrying it a week for no need or use of it. And I changed to a simpler flashlight in case it got concrete on it… I figured the angle rotating area on the Rofis might be a real pain to get concrete cement filled water out of.. 😉




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One thought on “Concrete day work carry, maybe last work day.

  1. Weston

    Looks like that pencil’s been to a few project sites already….

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