Work and social carry comparison from last week…

Work(construction labor) carry on 7–25–14;

My largest(and newest) folding knife;Kershaw Manifold.

 my customized and most versatile light; Rofis JR10.

 durable easily cleaned, cheaper to replace, slimmer/smaller watch; Seiko ‘5’ automatic.

 and an old friend, my most carried and used multi tool; Victorinox Spirit.

Plus Zippo, phone and money clip, the three items that rarely change.



Compared to social carry, for Sunday 5–27–14, to church, and to lunch at some friends place.  Generally smaller and lighter, although still based on “what if?” But on what ifs that come from easier days, non-work related tasks and improvisations.

Same phone and Zippo, and also had the same money clip, which I forgot to put in the pic.

Fancier, larger watch(although its probably just as, if not more durable than the Sieiko ‘5’, it was a gift from a friend who wore it through a small explosion where he works); Citizen Eco-Drive Diver.

Favorite knife so far this year, slimmer and lighter, ESEE Zancudo.

Modified(scissors replacing blade) small light multitool; Leatherman Skeletool.

Smallest flashlight I have, but still 100 lumens output; Custom brass bodied Olight i3S that I have worn almost 27/7 for 9 or 10 months now.






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One thought on “Work and social carry comparison from last week…

  1. Weston

    I’ll have to start calling you money bags!

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