New Kershaw knives, some notes. #2

From Friday;

So, turns out it is the Starter that is too heavy. Two days so far with the Manifold in pocket all day at work, and no issues, can’t tell its there till I need it. Its easy to get out, use, and replace, and I have yet to have it open when re-pocketing it.( a couple times I thought of that ans was more careful putting it away, but a few times I didn’t think of it, and as far as i know it was fine)

Its getting a lot of use too, yesterday it cut twine, and plastic sheeting, down in the dirt, mud and muck… Similar tasks a few times today. One guy I’m working with carries a Benchmade(an auto, tanto point, combo edge…) With EPIC amounts of wear on it! Gorgeous well used knife. Its about as sharp as a butter knife, he carries it as a scraper mostly…. So when it wouldn’t cut a roll of visqueen plastic sheeting, I handed him the Manifold. :D

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