New Kershaw knives, some notes. #1

The Starter did get some use Wednesday… But with a foul up;
I had a lanyard/fob looped through the pocket clip so I had a draw pull to get it out with gloves on, but the first time I opened it in a hurry and the fob caught and wedged between the liners at the end of the knife above the pivot and the blade jammed 3/4 of the way open…. well… That ended that and I ditched the fob!

Its actually rater easy to get out of my pocket without a fob, even with the gloves, but it does take a second or two more thought than I like… I’m used to the fobs I have on stuff; its second nature, no thought needed with them.

I gotta get the clips swapped around on these things.
To where it puts the tail end and the lanyard hole at the top.
And the blade against the back of the pocket, or against my light at least, for safety.

Replacing it in my pocket now in tip down form, if I’m not careful the thumb stud catches the edge of the pocket, and I end up with a knife 7/8 of the way open in my pocket. NOT good. Didn’t have that problem with the manifold, think it must be the curve of the Starters handle at that spot, doesn’t shield the stud as much or something.

Also not fond of the AO on the Starter so far… its loosening up like the Manifold did, but the spring still seems a tad weak, so that when I open it, I start to think maybe it won’t, and I double check… another point where its just a second to do, but its counter intuitive to the second nature/no thought needed function I am used to.

Won’t write it off just yet though, since it actually hasn’t had as much use as the Manifold got that first day, it might break in further and be fine.

I might be second guessing because of that jam up with the fob the first time too… Like I said, will go ahead and give it some time. Although, I think I am swapping back to the Manifold for Thursday;

The starter isn’t a lot heavier in hand, but it is noticeable. But in pocket, its Very apparent that its heavier!! And I think the thickness comes into play too, or being rougher on the outside and dragging more on the movement of the pocket around the knife as I move/work… Either way, or both, I Really notice it in pocket some times, and uncomfortably so.

The Manifold might do this too… I was doing the same type of active work for a few hours Monday with the manifold on me, but for not even half as long as I was constantly working today with the Starter on me… I guess I’ll find out Thurs. if the Manifold carries as well for the longer day as it did on Monday. 

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