Adventure EDC 6-21-14

~680 miles, there and back in 12 hours flat, 3 cities, Lots of rain, and driving, a free plane trip, the purchase of an old truck…. Not quite an average day for me, but not strange either


Pockets/on me;



In a small day bag/carry on;

Sunglasses, bandanna, comb, some misc meds(day quil, tylenal, asperin, a vicodin in case I screwed my back etc) and a misc tool/MacGyver “key chain” (electrical tape, small roll of CSC, paper clips, small safety pins, key chain drivers, and a 4 way Craftsman driver, a couple spare hair ties)



ear buds, MP3 speaker, Walkman;



Leather work gloves, my trusty hat(I’ve had this hat 12 years, was a gift from one of my sisters the last time I saw her, I’ve had it on through 1000s of miles on and in almost all vehicles known to man, in endlessy epic fun and sometimes epiclly boring places all over Alaska, good times, and bad, I’ve do it all with this hat along, at one time or another..) and the shoulder strap and pad for the bag.  



I also started out with a Cabelas heavy canvas long sleeve shirt, and a Good flannel shirt in the bag. When we got to Anchorage it was pouring rain, so I swapped from my travel vest(another Cabelas shirt that i cut the sleeves off of before I went on a trip like this 5.5 years ago..) to the canvas shirt, and dug out the trusty hat…  It never got cold enough or bad enough to need the flannel shirt, but some places we were, if we had broke down in the wet and wind, that shirt would have been worth its weight/volume in gold to me!  


I started out with everything above, including my pocket carry items, and even my belt w/ buckle in the bag… all except my ID.  Makes going through airport security SO much easier if all I have to do is slip off my cowboy boots, and drop my bag in a bin for the x-ray machine… No un loading of pockets, take the belt off etc… its faster and simpler.

I even managed to show odd spots on the body scan machine(didn’t know we had one of those… we didn’t the last time I flew 3 years ago) so I got almost a full pat down… ^^  It was like my belt buckle showed, except it wasn’t wearing it… lol…


The bag itself, a modified countrycomm BOB, I call it the AIS; Alaskan Indy Satchel. 😀

I actually did these mods over a year ago… not sure if I posted about it then or not.  I think this is only the second time I’ve needed the bag, or used it since then. When I need a medium satchel/shoulder bag it works great! I just Very rarely ever need a bag..

I took the two little center pockets off of it, and the one medium pocket from the center below them.  




And the long ”tube” pocket off the bottom of the other side.




And, also took the water bottle pockets off of both ends.




Its a lot less cluttered, a seemingly slimmer look and feel than before.

I pretty much never found a use for those pockets, so they were always empty, except the end bottle pockets, but even then, I rarely used them.  Its nice, with a cleaner less tactical look… less of that “I have 400 pockets with specialized sizes, and am a tacticool bag!!!” look, that I can’t stand.. 

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