Bought some new trucks


Gonna post this here, since these are technically new custom truck projects 😉

Bought some new trucks;

a 79 F-150 long bed 2wd, a 83 Chevy C10 Shortbed 2wd, and a lifted 87 Toyota 4×4.





The F-150 was dark blue with a topper, I took it apart and painted it… still gotta make a tailgate for it, do the interior brown, and add the white racing stripes so it matches my daily driver…

The Toyota was bought for the chassis and wheels, gonna put it under the Chevy and paint it brown to make a copy of my buddies 4×4.  Actually got another one of the Chevys, gonna do it brown too to match the 2wd he just finished. Then they get drilled for a short chain or key-ring off the tail gate, to make keychains. 🙂

Gotta get another one of the F150s, I think if I cut about a 1/4” out of it, I can make a short bed to paint up and match my full size project truck. 😉


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