New knife; Opinel #6

Great little knife came to me yesterday, and got carried all day, and even saw some use! It has several grocery bags and packages under its belt, and also a couple apples!

Now, it came without much of an edge at all… it had secondary bevels on it, but Very acute, only a few thousandths wide, nothing you could really see easily, and honestly not sharp at all. It wasn’t quite to “butter knife dull”, simply because any beveling on such a thin blade is gonna be “sharp” but it wasn’t what I’d call an edge….

 I went at it with a fine diamond hone(thanks @FloridaWoodsBum!) and a super fine ceramic stone, then my viking stone to polish it, in that order a couple/few times trying to refine it, each time getting better, but never quite right. It would run a bur, and feel sharp, and polish the bur off and feel great, but not slice paper or anything else worth a beaver structure…

I finally just hit it with a carbide V groove sharpener and put nice bevels on it thinning out the very edge a lot, then back to the stones. Its now wicked sharp! 

Some time in the future I’ll hit it with my set of Fine, Black, and Translucent Arkansas stones and thin it out a tad more with angles I like more than what the  carbide V groove puts on, and then the power strop/buffer to make it light saber smooth.

Now, all of that took about 15 min max… I mean, no edge at all on a blade this thin wouldn’t have been hard to fix, nor taken long! And this had an edge, just not a sharp one to speak of. It wasn’t quite to “butter knife dull”, but was close.

But anyway, nifty lock that works great, good blade tension both open and closed, pretty comfy handle(gonna carve on it a little and make it Super comfy  ) great size, and SO light weight! Had it in my shirt pocket all day and never knew it was there! I swear it weighs less than my Peanut!

Its gonna get the but end smoothed off a tad, a lanyard hole added, and maybe a pocket clip is I can scrounge one that I like…  A thumb stud did occur to me, but I figure if I do that I loose too much of the classic flair the knife has.. And also some of you gents would hunt me down and hand me for classic knife blasphemy.  :p




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