Guardless Case Cheetah

Was looking at my Dads Cheetah last night, and thinking about carrying it or possibly just trading it off for something else, and noticed that the guard pieces were loose… well, looser than I remember… I moved them around some, and they would press together at the tips further from their pivot/mount pin… The pin was looser than it should be, and some fiddling, and I got it apart… turns out the pin is two pieces, a rivet of sorts pressed together instead on one pin peened in place.

So I now have a guardless Cheetah, a much more useful knife to me.( I generally Hate guards on knives, Dad loved them, thus why i bought him this knife one year for Christmas. He thought it was great and used it a bit on the shop, but took care of it, it is almost pristine in general…)  I also have the guards intact to be put back on and riveted later if I do decide to trade it off. šŸ˜Ž


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