Maple handle on a machete

A buddy bought me a machete for Christmas a few years ago(he REALLY likes swords, and knows of my love for knives, so it was a odd, but understandable gift to get from him  )

A month or so later, I cut the ugly plastic handle off of it. And it laid like that till today. This was actually the project I had set aside the wood scales that ended up on @scbubba s knife for… But after a year not doing it, (and I’m glad of it considering what @warchild did with those scales!) I decided I’d never do it, or not soon anyway, so I sent the wood off for that project. Ran acroos the machete in the shop today while doing other things, and thought “why not?”   Also ran across a remnant of a curly maple plank I had for a project last year…  Again, “why not?”    Couple hours later I have this;

Re shaped the tang shape and length from what it was more to my taste, and scrounged some hardware(yup, chicago screw from my leather work supplies)  Still needs to be hit with aquafortis to bring out the grain, and I need to pick up some of my favorite wood finish for it— Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil gun stock finish.







Also convexed, and polished the edge while I was at it… thing is Wicked sharp now!

Need to either order a big chunk of leather, or maybe some kydex for a sheath, IF I can figure out how to form kydex that big…

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