Found my lost SAK today.

Oh yeah, that red Classic above…

I lost that last winter, in early to mid Nov. 

Was getting something out of the bed of my truck, and had my keys in my hand. Snagged the keys on the bed rail… checked them and found the SAK missing… looked in the truck, and somewhat in the deep snow beside the truck. No joy. I didn’t actually know if it had been lost before then or not, but figured in the spring I’d look for it in that spot anyway…  

I had remembered that a few other times this winter, and reminded myself I needed to look in the spring. 

And then I did totally forget about it for all of melt out! 

Until today when i happened upon it; Looked down to pick up a piece of trash that had blow off the deck, and there the knife was under it! Laying about 3′ from that same place in the yard where I thought I had dropped it!

Its a little dingy/dirty, and has a tad of rust between the base of the screw driver and the blade, but otherwise its unhurt. 

I am also wondering how it came off the key ring, because I remember thinking the fishing swivel must have broke…  but its intact and looks perfect.  Maybe I had my key chain items on micro S-biners then… I have done that off and on so I’m not sure if it was like that then or not.. :unsure:




Another cool point here, this knife was my Dads. He never used it or carried it as far as I remember, but it was his. Mom bought us both one for Christmas one year. Mine is loooonnnnggg since lost. Its nice to have this one, its a nice memory of a family Christmas.

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