Damascus Puuko; re-work?

I made this knife 7 or 8 years ago from scratch. Its 512 layer 8160 and 15N20 damascus(closest I’ve ever heard anyway… Its GREAT steel and heat treats Fabulously, its deff high carbon something! But it was a billet from kitknives and they didn’t actually give steel specs on it….. )

Its also Cocobolo spacers, with brass spacers, in curly oak. Most gorgeous piece of oak I have ever seen, didn’t know it had that curl in it till I finishg sanded it and added the finish… totally surprised me, till that point it was plain jane wood…

The issue is, I had had a great idea that didn’t work out; an integra fero rod built into the pommel of the knife. Then I found out tha ferrocium isn’t magnetic… and some lock pins I tried didn’t work. So I left it out and epoxied(super glue) it together with an oak dowel. That dowel came loose a couple years ago…. Since I never really use the knife, it hasn’t mattered. But I would really like to use the knife more, so it need s a fix.


The easy fix is to remove the dowel, replace it to the full depth of the hole, and use a good epoxy, and cross pin the dowel with another brass in like the one that is in the blades stick tang… Simple.


BUT, I am serriously thinking of adding a ~1/4” damascus pommel cap(just so happen to have a chunk of damas that @Kodiakman sent me) just past the brass spacer and leaving it at that. Would round out the layering and materials to being symetrical from one end to the other..

 Would be a shorter flatter tailed handle, but I think it would still be fine for me…

OR maybe another chunk of oak, and a brass spacer to bet a tad longer, then the damascus tail cap.

Dunno. :unsure:

So thats where I am at with this project.












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