A gift; new watch and some goodies!

So, last week  “FL Woods Bum” on EDCF made me an offer I couldn’t refuse; to give me his now unwanted/unused Seiko 5! Prompted by my comment of interest in them in the “if you had $50” thread…  

I LOVE the people on this forum! SO much love, friendship, and generosity!

Today I get this box, about the size of a small shoe box in the mail.

(and how he got USPS Priority to go from FL to AK from Fri to Mon is beyond me!)

Thought, “OK thats a big box for a watch… he said he put in some extras, but it can’t be that big, maybe this is from someone else…”

Nope, right box! FLWB is just one heck of a cool guy, sent me SO MUCH cool stuff he needed a big box!

My sweet new watch(plus two extra bands!);





And all the nifty extras; 


Upon opening;
“Woweee, a Mora!” (my EXACT words!)

Believe it or not, but I’ve never had a Mora…
Years on several outdoor and camping forums, plus Kochanskis’ “Bushcraft” is pretty much my outdoors Bible, and I even made a few scandi knives when I was making blades, but I never got around to just getting a Mora. (OK, I do have a small Frosts laminated carbon carving knife that is the same style, but still technically not a Mora. )

So, right now, for the rest of my evening outside doing some projects, I now have a sweet watch on my wrist, and a cool knife on my bely, with a mini bic hanging from it!


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