EDC today, snow ride, and knife mod.







Snowmobile ride to get the mail;

(1989 Ski-Doo Safari LS 370cc)








Traditional knife purist turn away now!

Put a clip on my 1985 Remington(Camillus) Bullet equal end double end(usually erroneously called a Moose pattern)  IIRC the clip is off of the Kabar Warthhog that @scbubba gave me last year…. I think…

It worked out so well with the clip I put on my Zancudo, I did the same here, didn’t bother to drill/tap the liner, I just drilled 0.010” smaller than the screw size in the Delrin, and let the screw cut Deep threads in it as I installed them. Simple, but it works; After all, its a knife clip… not gonna try to pick up a truck hanging by those screws, it don’t need uber amounts of mount strength!  









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