Vent job yesterday(EDC Related)


Yesterday I went and did a dryer vent install for a guy. (Paid work is starting to filter in again!!! :inlove: :frantic: :playfull: :Juggle: :uhhuh: :happy: )

He had previously just routed it into his crawl space under the house, and left it vent there…. Lint on Everything, about 3/4″ thick! :nah_disagree: He is having the space re-insulated today, and I get the feeling whoever did the quote on that informed him that he can’t vent it under the house like that, sice he said he suddenly found out it needed changed….(Not sure if its a code violation here, but they recamend you don’t do it, the humidity can mold and mildew the heck out of a basement/crawl space. As far as I know we don’t really have much code, if any on these vents anyway, never was limited on location etc when I had to do them working for a contractor)


Wave got used a lot.

Ran a 4″ hole saw through the pony wall for the vent, used the awl on the Wave to pry each layer of the wall out of the hole saw, siding, sheeting, and the rough cut 2″ rim joist. 

Later I used the pliers to bend back some jagged cuts on the end of the vent jack(tube through the wall) after I cut it to length. And used the wire cutters to clip several loops of the wire in an expandable duct piece so I could expand the dia to fit over a pipe elbow.    

A fair bit of fitting and trimming pipe pieces, and re-trimming to get it all to mesh, seems like I had the Wave out a LOT, but it was only 5 or 6 times I guess, but repeditively in a 15 or 20 min time span makes it seem like more uses I guess… 😉

Couldn’t get at the jack to cut for length after I had it in the hole(run through the rim joist, and working between it and the next floor joist 11″ away, above the top plate on the crawl space wall… Fun. :rolleyes: ) Tin snip wouldn’t fit at the angle I needed to start trimming. Made one little snip with them, the used(yes, ABUSED) my Zancudo to cut the duct, to start a straight cut 90deg to it, so I could then just peel/tear the thin tin off all the way around.

I had my cordless florecent light wedged between the joists to see, but that meant it was pitch black in my tool bag. i3S around my neck got used to see in the bag every time I needed a tool or part.  

Rofis JR10 used once or twice for navigating the crawl space.

Zancudo to open parts baggies.

Muse admit to using a regular screwdriver instead of the multi to tighten the band clamps, it swivels and was faster to spin. 😉  When I am working full time I do EDC that driver on me(Kobalt, takes 1/4″ hex locking bit drivers, sores a few in its handle) and I Have EDCed it outside of work too, just not anymore… so sorta EDC use 😉 :p











Hpw tight the work space was, over two pony walls meeting, in 11.5” between rough cut 2”x10” floor joists, half crouched, half kneeling on the foundation footing, on 3” minus gravel floor base in a 4′ crawl space… Makes me wonder sometimes Why I love doing these jobs/this kind of work…  




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