The Thor Pen

I now have a hammer, pen and 1/4” bit driver all in one!

I had an idea for a pen and decided to go ahead and try it as an add on to the one I already made last week. The idea was a cross section at the top to hold a 1/4” hex bit. 


First thing was seeing how small I could get a 1/4” hex driver turned down… Turned it as small as I could, then picked a close sied drill bit a couple thousadths under that and turned to to be about 0.001” to 0.0015” bigger for a press fit.




The head piece itself was going good till I miscalculated the bottom of the holes depth, and the dia for the center section to sit over the top hex on the pen… The plus side was I hit EXACTLY the same dia as the center hole for the insert. Cleaned up the ends and it slid tegether, just about 1/4” shorter than it had been.  I knew how to finsh it, but decided it wasn’t worth the work, and started anther head section.






Would have had to significantly shorted the insert and thuse the gripable depth of a hex bit too.



Version 2.0 came out a LOT longer, I gave myself plenty of material to work with for spacing the inserts hole, and the cross hole, offsets etc. Turned out too long for my tastes.










BUT, it all worked, proving the theory, and that I had the skill to do it…  only mistake was general spacing/length, and I sanded the insert too small to press fit, would have had to been epoxied in.

I went back and finished the 1st  one at this point, since it would be shorter.

I cross drilled it and pinned it together, then crossdrilled it for the pen shaft. It worked. Mostly. Not a clean look with the visible pin end, and the pin drifted and was a tad loose. Plus the shallow bit holder hole, and I decided not to use it.






I also crushed/mangled the insert when trimming it to length to fit the shorter 1st  head…  So, I made another insert from a 1/4” hex nut driver, and went back to the drawing board.

I fit the new insert to a super tight fit in the V2.0 head hole. Then trimmed both sides of that head down shorter, deepened the hole slightly, and press the sleeve in. Am verry proud of that, the precission turning that was needed to fit it! It can’t turn, and ain’t Ever comming out again!

So, the 3rd  and final version is actually the 2nd  one re-cut shorter.  It came out longer than the pinned 1st  version, but a lot shorter than it had started. I like it. Its semi press fit to the pen barrel, it can come off, but requies a bit of force, it won’t spin on it verry easily.   Had to shorten one of the pens outer sleeves/beads so it all goes together to the right length again.

There is no bit retension. I will go back later and center drill the bit holder pocket for a ~1/8” magnet to press in, IF it looks like I will actually use the driver more than once a year ðŸ˜‰ Otherwise its not worth the work at this point… I’ve already proved to myself that I could make what I started out to make. 😀 😉 

Anyway, I give you The Thor Pen! 










With the parts of the leftovers and misshaps;




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