Improved Kershaw Cryo Handle and Blade shapes.

Rounded a couple of the corners on the butt of the Cryo, and added a finger choil. I diagramed and planned these mods as improvements to the design for building a Cryo from scratch in late Oct of last year. Never got around to starting that project, and it took me this long to get around to trying it on an existing Cryo…

I had seen the choil mod on youtube last year, AFAIK, that guy and I are the only ones that have done it, can’t find any other versions online… Ended up a bigger radius than I intended, but I like it, looks good and feels great! 

Rounding the butt didn’t effect the grip/feel any, but it looks a LOT better IMO.

Also hit the whole thing with the buffer, lightened the coating up, and burned through it to polished bare steel on most of the corners/edges, and the hardware. Bit shinier now!
















The black one is stock shape, for comparison;







And with the Tension I posted above;




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