Frigid Metals Brass Hexer Pen

OK, Frigid Metals is me, my new store name(On Etsy soon, will anounce when here on the blog!)

Anyway, I made me a brass pen. Custom, heavy “self defense”, blingy brass or copper pens are “in” in some circles, but I don’t like the styling of any of them. 

I was making some of my “hexer” beads, and thought, why not?  Ran several long beads, mostly a random arrangement or short designs like my beads, just some fun and interesting shapes. Turned out to be more fun to turn than a straighter less complicated pen shape… Tuned out really flashy too when pollished! 

Center drilled to fit the 7mm tubes of a pen kit and stacked them on it. They slip fit, and in several pieces I can re-arrange them, or replace them too; A modular custom pen!  The lower section I turned an inset smaller, still patterned but smaller section for a grip area.  Bead on the fob also by me in a new material I have called cherry cheasecake, and I turned down and cross drilled the domed top cap from the pen kit to take the fob.




Before the lanyard and clip;






For scale, a Bic stick pen;



The pieces;




Made from this, and this piece is all that it left me with!





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