Citizen Diver Info, and band problems.

OK, did a lot of digging on google and WUS forums looking at Citizen Diver models… Its a Citizen Professional Divers Series BM0560-57E, discontinued.

Wan’t really a bid deal ti find out except I need a part for it, and I DO like to know Exactly what I have, in case I need parts, or info etc down the road. :cool:

And, on the point of parts; I wanted to know the model to add to the numbers I do have, so I know I am giving Citizen customer service all the info I can, to get the right thing from them…

I want to see if I can get a single replacement link for the band.

Its sized 99.9% Perfectly for me as is, snug but not too tight… Unless I’m working/moving, flexing my hands a lot. I wore it for two days out and about socially, and some light work, light snowmobiling. No problem. But a day of really moving around today, and it got pretty tight.

I now remember discovering this once before, some years ago with another snug watch, that my wrists swell a bit when warmed up working, and from just the flexing of muscles too.. And then a solid bracelet watch band gets uncomfortable. Not painful, but annoying. (maybe an ache sometimes too like today, thats what reminded me of it)

I did some measurements; The clasp adjustment is at the longest of 3 notches. A single link is the same length as those 3 notches too. So, If I add a single link, then drop it two notches at the clasp, it will be just a tad longer, say 1/8″ or maybe 3/16″ at the most… I really just need that little bit of extra play; Not enough to let it slop around on my wrist, but enough to keep it from biting into me when I am flexed/warmed up ;).

A whole replacement bad is easy to find, from $15 cheapies to $60 for a Citizen brand replacement. I don’t want a whole replacement band though, I want to keep this one with the scratches, wear, and character that my buddy warchild put onto it. :) So I’ve been searching for a place to order replacement links, but they all list by model number, which isn’t printed on the watch itself. :nah_disagree: Thus my looking for model info.

I’ve then also read that Citizen is good about sending replacement links free of charge for a couple, only charging if you want more than 4 or 5 of them. :cool: Will see what they say though, since I’m not the original owner of the watch. –I don’t mind paying for a link or two, but it would be nice not to have to. ;)

Honestly, I’m gonna give it a couple days to see if thats the issue, or if maybe my wrists are just ”off”, tender/sore from the snowmobiling I did Sat. I’m not really used to that anymore, even though it was very light ridding, I might have aggravated something and thats why the watch was so much tighter, and my wrist acheing while doing things today. But I was sitting here dead bored, had run out of things to do, so I went ahead and did the research i needed for it. Shall see if I actually need to do order it or not.

Meh. I’m rambling on again ain’t I?
Better shut up now. :oops:

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