My truck flashlight in its charger socket addaptor.





Finally got around to putting a fob and caribiner on my Nitecore MH25… Its SO heavy in pocket, and I hate belt sheaths, so just clipping it to a belt loop like I used to carry all my lights, seems the best option. Fob came from @KODIAKman, and the caribiner from the pass around box a few months back.



Made a little zipper pull or fob with one of my custom beads, the fitting off one end of the lanyard above that Kodiak gave me, the last of my red reflective para cord and the fancy split ring I got from the PA box.




Ended up keeping these two items from the EDCF pass around(PA) box… the retractor becasue I wanted it, and the sunglasses because I missed them when packing the box, and it was crammed full… Litterally! NO way I could get them in there without crushing them. So it looks like they’re staying with me.





Retactor cord from the PA box, clipped pocket clip over my neck cord above my i3S… Works great! long enough to get arms length of reach to shine the light, and strong enough to pull the light all the way back!

Will try it like this for a while after Feb, when I am allowed to mod my EDC again 😉   






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