Couple other old palm skinners I made

 A couple other old palm skinners I made, about 10 years ago, late fall 2004.

Another large one in cocobolo, same as the one I skeletonized a couple days ago, and a smaller one in curly oak.. both 3/32” 1095 flat ground, differentialy hardened(edge quenched, top 1/3 of blade and handles left softer)

These were both gifts for friends then, their initial carved into the handles… never got given, I chickened out, wasn’t real confident on my abilities then…

The TK was my brand at the time, Tigre Knives.

Not sure what I’ll do with them now, both have been stored badly in the shop, the wood has warped and on the cocobolo one cracked… Need re-handled at the least, and the overall finish cleaned up.











These were made the first year I made knives, my fit and finish was kinda rough, as you can see on the spine;




Light leather pocket sheaths with kydex clips…




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