Rhino Skeleton Knife.

Let me introduce you to the Rhino Skeleton, a small pocket fixed blade.

I recently found an old fixed blade palm skinner that I made about a decade ago.

Took the cocobolo scales that had warped(being unsealed, and 1/8” thick in a humid basement wasn’t good for them I guess) off of it. Re-edged, cleaned, and wire wheeled it for a satin finish.

Then carved out the handle playing connect the dots with the pin holes, skeletonizing the handle. Added some scallops around the handle edge for grip, and to hold a paracord wrap, de-burred and rounded it all off to soft edges. Made a simple leather pocket sheath for it too.  Blade is 3/32” 1095.  

Almost re ground the blade into a drop point, but I like the long belly for slicing, it worked wonders on the leather while making the sheath 😉 So, I left it a trailing point.(has a rhino horn kind of shape to it, thus the name)

Had thought about a simple wrap on the handle, but a cobra seemd like it would add grip better, and add a bit more thickness to help keep it in the sheath better. Worked good!


All together it was a nice way to kill about a half hour in the shop before dinner yesterday.










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