Glow In The Dark switch boot in Rofis JR10

Got the boot from the pass around box.

Dug out some clip ring pliers for the switch retaining ring in my light, and took it apart.


The new boot is a little bit bigger diameter than the stock one, but fits OK. But installed, the switch wouldn’t click, took it out and looked, the wall thickness of the new one is thicker, and there is a “button” of rubber in the top inside of it, making it too short to fit the switch.




Turned it inside out, and cut the “button” off. Re-installed, and it fits great. still a little snug, but it functions fine, and the feel of the switch clicking isn’t really any different. Perfect!











It doesn’t actually glow that bright, but it does do well. (thats just the best pic I could get…)

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