LM bits, and drive extensions in new Thumbprint bit driver

New Thumbprint keychain driver holds Leatherman bits well for length, but they are loose and fall right out;






Leatherman extension fits good, seats all the way in. No retension if you just push it in, but if you twist it slightly as it goes in, it grips in the rubbery case and stays… shake it though and it will fall out, so a no-go for carry, but would be OK in use.   I am thinking about glueing a micro magnet into the holder for holding LM buts and extensions in place. Maybe. Dunno yet.







Vic extension works ok too, but no retension at all, just fall out, and doesn’t seat deep enough to catch a magnet if I added one.




Forgot to post this a couple weeks ago, keychain bit driver I “made” from the bit holder out of a Leatherman Surge, and a MUT long driver bit;



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