Two in brass, one in FireFly GlowStonez.

I freehanded the curves, and the semi ball tips with round nose wood turning chisels on a custom tool rest for the metal lathe. Works good. Its a slow(comparatively) shaving cut, but it allows me free movement of the tool for curves.

They all have a slight wobble even on the flattest/smoothest surface I have, its an inherent degree variation of my lathe… a more precission machine would make them more 100% round/ballanced, and spin truer. But it does fine IMO, they do spin pretty darned true!

The brass ones will run for about 20 to 25 seconds.

The Glow one is so light, its hard to start, and only spins about 10 seconds, but spinning in the dark its a marvelous solid turquois glow! Sorry for no pic, this stuff is so hard to photograph sitting still, I’m not about to try it spinning. 😉

If I can come up with some micro ball bearings I’ll try a couple with them as tips, for a 100% round tip to see if it improves spin.

These are a lot of fun to do, and I’m honestly amazed I got such good results at my first try… I figured I’d have like 10 that wouldn’t spin for more than a few seconds before I got the geometry down right… 😉




















Here they are spinning;


















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