Swiss Buckaroo?

Been trying something different with one of my SAKs, and a gold pen that was my Dads.  Its a dual buckaroo pouch. It was made for me as a gift, by a knife maker and modifier in the middle east, by the name of Karel Koci several years ago. A great fellow, good Christian(and a Pastor/Preacher at a large church there) and Fabulous knife maker.  It was made for my main EDC knife and pen at the time, a Case split back whittler, and a pen I had made. I don’t have the knife anymore, and am unsure where the pen is, but I could never part with the sheath…

A buckaroo sheath is a southwest USA invention from cowboy days. If you google it, you will come up with a couple places selling them, a notable example being Ron Rider at back room leather. Great guy, I had one of his for a sodbuster knife tat I won in a giveaway several years ago, it was the sheath that inspired the making of this one.  

The theory is an old school dangler,  you put your belt through the loop, or tether it to a belt loop, and then put the sheath in your pocket. When you need it, you pull it from your pocket using the strap, and retrieve the knife from the sheath.  Some people leave the knife in the sheath hanging outside the pocket when working for easier access. 

So, lately I’ve been trying it again with one of my Dads old pens, and my Vic Electrician(I think thats the model on this one… I have a hard time anymore with Sak names…)




Here is the History that Mr. Ryder has for them on his site;

“””The word “Buckaroo” comes from the Spanish “Vaquero”, or more commonly thought of as a Cowboy. Since much of the west was part of Mexico at one time, and we had many early settlers of Spanish descent, the dress and methods were a bit unique from the cowmen of Texas, and our midwestern “cow” states.

Buckaroos may have a flat brimmed hat, they ride a different style saddle, they use different ropes, and use different methods than what may be seen by men that call themselves cowboys. Buckaroos are most often observed in California, Nevada, Oregon, and perhaps Idaho and Utah. Of course, those states are some of the few, that a man working cattle, still does a great deal of it on horseback, instead of a vehicle of some type.

They calls themselves Buckaroos with pride. One of their seemingly unique items, are these pocket knife pouches. I have talked to the older men, and they say that these pouches have been around as long as they can recall. The pouch of course, has the knife, and the lanyard hangs out.

Though none really have the same notion, the most logical one too me, is that this allowed them to pull their pocket knives out, while wearing chaps, which can prevent easy access to a pocket. Knives of course are a constant tool to a traditional cowman, used from ear notching, to producing steers, to what ever else a knife is handy for. “””


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