Mail Call!

Got a new bit kit in the mail today. Fabulous rubber bit holder, on a nifty little dangler! Along with a ratcheting 1/4” hex drive wrench, with an 8mm box on the other end, and 1/2 a card of Leatherman bits.

And all quite by surprise! A member here had asked for my address through Cowsmilk, who got my permission to give it, but did not tell me who… All I know is the Gentlemans name, and the country it was mailed from(I think…)   Than You Sir, whoever you may be, I am Humbled, and Delighted at the Wonderful gift!

Its loaded with 20 bits, a 1/4”  magnetic bit holder/extension, and a long 1/4” socket drive adaptor. 





Here is a comparison of the ratchet, to the topeak, and Victorinox versions, its a tad smaller, but should be tremendously handy! 




I sat down and re-organized my big custom bit kit, and thinned it down to just the bits I use the most and re-loaded it, then re loaded this one with approximatelly an 90% duplicate set. I’ll use an S biner to hold the ratchet to the bit holder, and start carrying it in my jacket tools. The holder is great since its soft rubber, the bits fit tight, but are say to get out, and being flexible it should ride pretty nice in a pocket!


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