Todays carry, and new pocket clip for Vic Spirit.


SRM 735 and Amherst Cutlery semi custom Canoe (high grade 420 and real Ivory)


Got my Nite-Ie HipClip in, thanks to Powerring for turning me onto these things with the one he put on his Rebar, I just had to try it on the Spirit.


Set on the pliers pivot end, ans far up as I could go and be comfortable with it clearing the pivot rivet head. Put on this end so gravity keeps the tool closed, not pulls on it to open… A pet peeve of mine with the Wave clip, is that if your real active the tool handles come open since they have it on the oposite end as the pliers pivot… The spirti is a tighter closing tool, but I still felt better about it being on this end than the other.


Thicker than I thought it would be… I might re-bend/re-tension it some to grip my belt tighter… Will give it some time and see how I like it.


Gripable for pliers use;




Tucks into my palm for most tool usage;




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