Long ago EDC

What my carry was circa fall 2006 to spring 2007;

(The SAK is a Hiker in buffalo horn and Corian scales, fixed blade is a Nessmuk style in 1095 and tulipwood, by me, Maglite is nite ized to LED.. )



And Jan 2008;


I went through phones fast in those days… Had that Motorola in the top pic for about 6 months, till it just died, wouldn’t turn on one morning.  The Samsung followed it, and worked great for about a year till I got peeved at someone I was talking to one day and snapped the phone in half at the hinge…(peeved is an understatement…)  4.5 months without a phone, then got the Pantech I carry now…. That was April of 2009. 😀 


In between those pics; After the Maglite, but before the Fenix L2D light that I got in Sept 2007, I carried this little Husky light for several months… Not verry bright(50 lum, ish..) but it was great clipped to a belt loop, grab it a, pull it out on the 2.5 ft. retractable cable, turn it on, use it, and be able to let go of it and the spring return pulled it back to its place… Rarely ever actually had to take it off my belt loop!  I should still have it… somewhere… Hmmm.






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