Korkers SnowJack Boots


Feb. 2012;

Anyone seen these?

I was looking for new winter boots this last week after running around at -55 and -60 in my cowboy boots…. They’re(Ariat H20 Herritage Stockmans) pretty good down to -25 or -30 if I’m moving around, but any colder and I just get cold achy feet.

Niftiest thing I’ve seen in boots for years!
tried a pair on, they fit, and thought ‘what the hell’ and bought them. I should have looked closer at he other ones, the StormJacks, at 6″ instead of 8″ I’d have better movement, but the 200 grams of Thinsulate might no have been enough… So far the 8″ tops are fine though, even when fairly active while snowmobiling.

The soles are plastic on the boot with rubber edges, and plastic pieces with tabs, covered with rubber soles that mate to the boot. The tabs snap into pockets in the sides of the rubber on the boots, and it has a stretchy rubber strap hat goes up the heel a couple inches and over a stud. That strap is a pain to get off, so I don’t see these coming off in wear anytime soon.

They came with 2 out sole sets, regular soft knobby winter reads, and another pair that is the same tread, but with half the nubs done in carbide instead of rubber.

They’re comfortable, well fit(probably a bit wide though, since I wear 12EE and these are 12D, and fit me great…) and warm (400grams of thinsulate). Well built, and so far great traction, even without the studded soles.

If it looks like they will be durable and long lasting, I’ll pick up half a dozen sets of soles for the future.

2 weeks later;

Well, I Fell on the ice on my front hill path Saturday morning when I forgot to put my stretch on treads(much like the ones shown above!) on my work boots. Didn’t hit on my but ,or back, but halfway in between on my hips/tail bone area. Damn that hurt! Didn’t do my hip/lower back problems any good, but thankfully had quite hurting by Sun. morning. SO; I’ve been wearing these with the carbide studded soles for the last few days. Since its been a bit colder again the insulation is nice, but after being so warm, its glazed everywhere…. but I have perfect traction now!

They are working great. Warm and comfortable.
A little noisy on the concrete floor in my shop, or tile in our entryway, but you quickly get used to it. Just have to remember to take them off on the new hardwood floor at a buddies place đŸ˜‰ .

Now, on EDCF;


[quote=”T.H.Cone, post: 1769212, member: 37743″]Those just clip on and off, AK? That’s pretty cool. Do they stay put?[/quote]

[quote=”AK Adventurer, post: 1769302, member: 28822″]Yeah, works great. I’ve worn them probably 50% of the last two winters, depending on needs. Its more that they snap into the boot than onto or over like traction aids/yaktraks etc.

I’ve yet to have them ever shift or move at all in use, can’t tell its not a normal integral outer sole. They still snap into place perfectly when changing them too.(and the straps are still hard to stretch and a P!TA to get off at times, haven’t stretched out any)The attachment loops are Very low profile, haven’t had them snag on anything, or if they have I didn’t notice, and it didn’t hurt them any…

I found them worth their weight in gold the last two summers, with the studded treads on them for cutting firewood; walking on slick/shifting/loose logs and wood piles the traction is great!

:cool: [/quote]

Thought I’d add this in over here, so as to not clutter up the hiking boots for snow thread, since he found something else to use, and its more topic drift than I want to add there…

I got to looking at Korkers site, and realized they’re pics don’t really show the sole attachment verry well. So I just took pics when I swapped soles coming in from outside.









Now, the poe of the sole is split, and where it goes into the pocket/notch in the boot there is a solid rubber divider that goes into the split, keeps it from shifting sideways IMO, locks it in place more…





Grooves and ‘lumps’ that fit them, keeps the soles in place, from shifting around.


ANd here you can see where the studds are, replacing a little less than 1/2 of the rubber nubs in the sole.



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