Wind Storm EDC, tree down etc. Mid Nov. 2013

EDC for the past week with ice and wind storms, any time I was out of the house.


Also had my MH25 on me, and the big custom bowie, plus camera, and the backup tool set that lives in my jacket as posted before…

This here little setup has been a Life Saver, have had the Olight, the county comm keychain light around my neck for 24 hours, and the Olight was there for 48 hours before that… just turn one on, and leave it hang there, I can see to walk and do things in the dark house. Never thought I’d like moonlight mode on the Olight, but its enough to walk around and do things, especially after 12 hours in the dark and your eyes are fully adjusted!(at that point the other main modes are SUPER bright, almost too bright)  And the moonlight modes 60 hour run time was a great draw to use it, with no power to charge the batts I use, and only one Alkaline aaa as a backup…


Also, the MH25 was great in the middle of the night, out checking my power lines for downed trees, ice, snow etc… 860 lumens bouncing off all that snow was Fabulously bright!!!

And a tree that the wind storm(12 hours of 30 to 25 mph winds gusting at 50 mph) dropped in the woods next to my house. Its a good 14” to 16” dia at the base, and 40′ to 50′ tall. Its half down, hanging in some other big trees. If it was 20′ taller it would have taken out out streets power lines. If it went the opposite direction when it fell, it would be IN my moms bedroom, taken out our power line.  If it had dropped south, I’d be out a car and a truck, maybe two trucks… God was VERY Gracious!












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