Fixed the Nitcore issue. I think. ;)

So, Just got done fiddling with that light again for about 30 minutes, (this time Inside the warm house! 😉  ) and I think I’ve fixed it.

You can put it on any mode, then shake, tap, whack, or even drop it, and it is fine for a bit… But it will do it almost instantly if you tap directly on the tail cap, or shake that end of the light while holding the head, almost every time; FLICKER and right to SOS. (9 out of 10 times it goes dirrectly to SOS regaurdlsss of what mode it was in, too  .)

Had this issue with my Fenix L2D and it turned out the switch and its lock ring was loose.
Not this time, they were tight.

I finally realized that turning both the head and tail cap is a lot easier than I’d like… And realize that after handling the light for a minute or two, or shaking/tapping it, the tail cap loosens just a tad, and you have to tighten it again;

Its loosening and getting intermiten contact, and cycling the modes.

I dug out the replacement O-rings that came with it and replaced the tail one.
Better, but not great.

SO I put the old one back in too; Super tight cap now, doesn’t drift/loosen any with handling!

Shook the cr@p out of it for 5 minutes, and no mode changes!

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