EDC, cost/vallue of what I carry.

A dangerous Topic… Here is what mine came to in Aug 2012; $567.. +/- $100, depending on other watches, or knives, or lately, I am multi tool testing/finding… Call it probably $600 tops.  But, as carried $542, a ~$650 drop from thw year before, and a (Yikes!) ~$1200. drop from when I was CCW-ing. Not bad!

So, now in Oct 2013; $554 Interesting, only $12 more than last year.

Still  +/- $100, depending on other watches, or knives, Call it probably $600 tops.   Different gear, same general value. Thats good… Well sort of; I have spent more, I just don’t carry more. 😉

Rofis JR10 $70

Olight EOS $20

Leatherman Wingman $40

Case SS Peanut $50

Kershaw Cryo $30

Tiger torch lighter $10

Money clip $65

Pantech C520 phone $100 (IIRC)

Zebra F301 $4

Moleskine pocket notebook and leather cover $35

Eco drive Watch $130

Previously; in Aug 2012

Fenix L2D $70

Leatherman Wingman $40

Wingman ToolBox Mod $50

Tool accessory kit/pouch $50

Case SS Peanut $50

1951 Zippo with thunderbird $50(if replaced with modern zippo)

Bi-fold wallet $20

Pantech C520 phone $100 (IIRC)

Gel pen $2

WrITR 3×5 pad $5

Eco drive Watch $130


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