(!(MacGyvered adaptation ahead alert)!)


Yesterday friend used my Select Fire to cut down, shape, trim and add wire attachment holes to a piece of plastic lawn edging, to make it into a output block off plate on our churches ridding mower.(block the schute that throws/blows what you mow out the side of the mower and it traps it in the mower deck, and chops it finer; so when you go over downed dead leaves it mulches them into the lawn for cheap easy fertilizer… with a side bonus of not having to rake the lawn 😉 )

Amazingly, this guy doesn’t carry a knife anymore… in his 60s, Ex army,(Nam, Chopper pilot, ~30 years of service…) and worked for the pipeline here for years, plus he’s been in Alaska 30 years or more… All three are an express education in “creative engineering” ;), and what you need to EDC to do it… Still, no knife. :eek:










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