Swapping blade and scissors on wingman to make left hand open for blade.

Someone on the forums asked if this would work, so I just tied it.

Nope, it won’t work.
A couple problems.

First (which is fixable) is that flipping the scissors to the right hand open side puts the spring piece below the blade, and it doesn’t allow the lock to engage… Would be fine for use, in that you would hold the scissors open while using them, except that it requires the lock to engage for the spring to work. 



If I put it in with the lock tab up, and the spring under it, it lock fine, the tang and tab fit perfectly. But it won’t close since the tab can’t be pushed.   Simple fix is to file/grind the tang end of the spring to fit flush with or 0.001″ back from the scissors tang, allowing the lock tab to clear it.  Easy.


But the biggest problem is putting the knife on the left hand open side;

First, is that the tang on the blade doesn’t need filed down to fit, it is actually too small to engage the lock tab! It locks, but with some play; About 1/4″ movement at the tip of the blade…  A few thousandths would be livable(for me anyway) but that much play could drive you crazy.

The other problem is the frame is shaped different, curved the other direction, and narrower on that side; Its not wide enough for the blade to close all the way.





You could file the ‘kick’ on the tang down some to let it sit deeper, but I don’t think there is enough to take off to get the blade tip into the slot… Even IF it closed enough, your edge would be sitting on the frame, and could nick and dull it every time you close it.

Its interesting that I never tried that before.

I’m a lefty too, but I guess I never thought to try this before since I carry a dedicated folder most of the time, and even when I do carry just the Wingman, I actually find the scissors super handy… 


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