9-16-13 EDC and bike.

Almost all of my carry items today were things gifted to me,

The watch by my folks, my first nice watch when I was 15.(Levi convertable wrist/fob watch)

The Comb by my Mom ~7 or 8 years ago

The Zippo, technically I inherited when my Dad passed away.

The little knife, a Colonial baby toothpick (I forgit in the overall shot….). Belonged to my brother before he died(10 years before I was born) Also inherited when my Dad passed away.

The light, Rofis JR10, I got here on the forums from SecretMember in the 2012 Christmas gift exchange.

The knife, a Sanrenmu 735 that Kertap75 gave me.

The Skeletool Warchild recently gave me.

The money clip is the only item, I bought it for myself as a treat on a road trip with a friend, so it still has a lot of sentimental value.

The Firestor .380 also from my Mom, Dad bought it for her to carry, but the spring was too strong she couldn’t pull the slide back with her arthritis, so after a couple years she gave it to me.










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