Scissors in Skeletool; Surge is a No Go. :-(



Most of these pics should be self explanatory. The back bar the knife sits on is too far down the frame for the scissors or the spring to hit… I can’t see a good way of notching it to sit against them either…  In the second set, with the spring on top, it is closer, but still no go.

With the spring on top, the scissors piece tang would push against the lock in use, and stay open, but there still isn’t any way to fit the spring to be under tension…

Wingman scissors will be the same I’d bet, since the arrangement is the same, this tool spot is on the wrong side of the tool, the spring ends up on the wrong side of the scissors piece. Will try it anyway though šŸ˜‰

Just about the only good thing is that the Skele has the Surge/Wave pivot diameter.  

Vic scissors might work. Not sure if the set I have modded to fit a Wave will still have the pivot in anywhere close to the right place though… or the lock surface of the tang close either…   Bet I could do it with fresh/un-molested Vic scissor though, as per here;,44135.30.html
















Flipped over;








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