New multi tool; Skeletool!

A buddy on the forums remembered that I had wanted a skele and sent me one! YEEEEE—HAAAAWWWWW!

He was gonna send me an emergency tooth filler/dental kit for my broken tooth, and USPS wouldn’t send it, and it turned out my tooth is sorta fixing itself anyway, but he still wanted to send me something cool, so he sent this as a surprise, and just told me it was something I had said I’d wanted…

Its Totally Funny, I had gone back and thought about the stuff I had wanted, and thought, hmm, I got a lot of it a while back, maybe its the Juice I had mentioned recently…  I had TOTALLY forgotten posting about wanting to get a Skele before!  Too Cool!

As a side note, is it bad that I haven’t had it 5 minutes, and I’m already looking at taking it apart and replacing the blade with Surge or Wingman scissors? LOL!






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