Rofis JR10 Info and pics.


Rofis JR10. single CR123, multiple modes with tail clickie on/off and side switch selection, 4 at low, 50 med, 100 high, 180 turbo, with mode memory. It has strobe, SOS, and a steady beacon flash too. The angle is adjustable; the head rotates on an angle and can be put at any angle between 90deg and straight.

One great thing is the flash modes are “hidden”, you have to press the mode switch for 2 seconds to get it into strobe, then it can be cycled through the other flash modes… So normally I don’t have to deal with cycling through them, but they are there If I ever need them(not likely, but ya never know.)

With the batteries I’m using(Tenergy 3V RCR123s) I get the same output as med in low mode, So I have 2 modes at 50, and keep it on the med mode so I can cycle up easily if needed.
Its only 180 lum on turbo, which is a let down after my BC10s 270, but the light I carried for 4 years, a Fenix L2D Rebel 100 was 200 on turbo, and that was always more than enough… The Fenix being tired with the lens scarred, and this one new and clear, I can’t really tell the difference.

Works great and I love it! I use it a lot at odd angles; set it down some place and adjust the angle so it shines where I need it, or clip it to my shirt and adjust it to shine out in front of me for work etc. Its a little long for a single cr123 cell light, but it more than makes up for the added bulk with the added function!

Once again, Thanks to SecretMember, who sent it to me for last years EDCF Christmas gift exchange! I had been wanting ot for a few months, and had posted about it, which he found while researching my gear and what I might want…







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