Wood cutting EDC, my proven tough, and fast to deploy tools, Cry and WaveMod.

Didn’t actually have the phone on ,e while cutting, its too much bulk in my pocket during a Lot of crouching/squatting/bending/standing in odd places at odd angles etc.

Belt clipped the Wave for the same reason. BC10 chose for low weight, and clipped to a belt loop. Pocket clipped the Cryo like usual for muscle memory type of knowing Exactly where it was at if i needed it Fast in an emergency…



Also, I found an old friend yesterday, my EDCed knife from spring 2002, to late summer 2003. Cheap Chin made butterfly knife fro BudK… Cheap and rough build but it always cut stuff! 😉   And peoples reactions when they asked if you had a knife, or if you asked of they needed one, and then flipped/spun it out…  😉  Priceless! (lol, I know, I know…  I was 17… sue me.. :p ðŸ˜‰ )


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