Thur. Aug. 8th. carry.

Not both multis at once. Was out wood cutting with a friend to start the day, took the Wave Mod. for total tool options. Then a trip to town to hang out at the coffee shop later I changed for the lighter/slimmer Wingman Mod.(And since the wingmans clip screw on instead of clipping n like the wave, I can carry it belt clipped and never know its there… I don’t trust the wave clip to stay put for belt clipping, so its pocket carry only)





Also, had the Cryo and Case Peanut for all out of house activities, but I pocket dumped upon returning home, and swapped to the SRM 763 for home use.


And my jacket carry;


(all photographed on my black denim Port Authority jean jacket, my EDW for the past several weeks.)

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