Bits for Kershaw Select Fire

So, the Select fire is a great concept, and honesty it seems gimmicky until you get it in hand, and see how well they executed it! its actually a little hard to tell whether this is a screw driver that has a knife blade on it, or a knife that has a screwdriver… 😉  (Somebody put a lot of thought into the ergonomics on this thing, its just SO comfortable to hold!)

It came with 2 flat bits, 3/16” and 1/4”, and two phillips bits, a #1 and a #2.  I initially swapped it down to the #2, the 3/16” flat, a T10, and a 1/8” allen/hex.

I then got to thinking, and decided to try the Leatherman bits… They fit the holders, but super loose— but they wouldn’t fall out and be lost since they are just the right length for the handle cut outs, they can’t slide out and clear the end of the holder when the holders are closed…  BUT, they are too long to seat in the driver. 


I then remembered my Loggerhead Tools driver… Double end bits that are full profile not flat, and a bit shorter than the LM ones. AHA! 😉

I was a little worried, they are a tad smaller than standard 1/4” hex drive, and sit looser than optimal in some drivers(can fall out easy, but not loose enough to slip in driving). With the magnet in this driver they fit fine, loose but no worries! 

 They are also loose in the bit holder if they are open, making bit removal easy. Thankfully the holder get squeezed slightly when they close and ‘snap’ shut, and they grip the bits tighter so they can’t slide out.(since without the grim, they could slide out and clear the holder end while closed and be lost)

So, now I have a option for up to 8 bit styles/sizes!   Plus, these are short enough that if I trim the ears on the handle that forms a bottle opener notch where the driver shaft closes, I can leave one bit there in the driver, getting 10 total styles on the tool at once!





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